and I was looking for indulgence.

2016-09-09 13:57

Mr. Puffer and I spent last Thanksgiving at the home of his brother’s wife’s cousin. (Had to double-check to make sure I got that right.) It was the first family event we attended after our engagement, so needless to say, the minute we arrived we were inundated with well-wishers asking about our wedding plans.

More specifically, our honeymoon.

The question surprised me, considering we had only just chosen a wedding date. I was nowhere near ready to think about the honeymoon. But Puff loved it. For him, the honeymoon is one of the biggest perks of getting married. He eagerly listened to all of the suggestions, grinning at me every time an exotic locale was mentioned. Fiji. The Galapagos Islands. Kruger National Park. Papua New Guinea…. The relatives had a lot of great suggestions, but I knew the trips they came up with would be nowhere close to the budget we’d have.

$2,曾道人赌神,800 round trip for two is the cheapest flight I found to Fiji. / Image via Expedia

From that night on, scheduling the honeymoon became Mr. Puffer’s number one priority. He wanted to leave for the honeymoon directly after the wedding?and by directly, I mean change out of our wedding threads and jump on a plane. Considering nearly all of our guests are out-of-towners, I knew this just wouldn’t happen. We need to be in town the next day to say goodbye.

Plus, money is a major factor. Although we’ve thus far stayed within our budget, I know we’ll be shelling out a lot of cash for the little things in the weeks leading up to the wedding?gifts, gratuities, even tolls. Going on an extravagant trip wasn’t going to happen unless we postponed the honeymoon for several months after the wedding.

I found a Galapagos cruise for a mere $4,100 per person! Um, no. / Image via Steele Luxury Travel

In the end, we determined the primary elements we wanted for a honeymoon. Mr. Puffer wanted to leave the country, while I didn’t want to spend a bulk of our vacation traveling to our destination. He wanted adventure, and I was looking for indulgence.

The answer? A cruise.

Image via Carnival Cruise Lines

We’re leaving on a seven-night cruise to the Bahamas two days after the wedding. Our first day as a married couple will be spent with family and close friends, thanking them for their help and saying goodbye. Then the day after that, we hop on the ship and head south. He gets the adventure of exploring a country he’s never been to, and I get to be pampered all the way there. A cruise is a fraction of the cost we’d pay for hotels and food, even with our upgrade to a balcony suite. Oh, and did I mention the port is a 10-minute drive from our house? After the honeymoon is over,该平台同时开发了手机端, there’s no awful day of sitting in airports. Bonus.

Image via Google Maps

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